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Four Centuries of Chant - Anonymous 4

Four Centuries of Chant - Anonymous 4

Purchase Four Centuries of Chant - Anonymous 4.

A chant book for everyone
by one of the world's leading medieval chant scholars
David Hiley's

Gregorian Chant (Cambridge Introductions to Music)

(Cambridge University Press)
Concise (270 pages), economical (under $30),
filled with illustrations, examples and crystal-clear explanations,
this is an indispensible addition to any chant lover's library
Or get it now at Amazon.com . . .
Read the article
on the Chant Camp with Anonymous 4
at Stanford University, 10/19/09
by Lisa Petrie
in San Francisco Classical Voice

ChantVillage.com is a website for those who love chant – singing chant, listening to chant and learning about chant. ChantVillage.com brings together a variety of chant resources, along with news and information about the chant traditions of the many different cultures and spiritual paths of our shrinking world.

Chant is a core part of many of the world’s religions, large and small, but it is also a reflection of the culture that nurtures those religions. Music allows the universal elements of a spiritual system to transcend its specific creed. It’s no wonder that many people are attracted to the traditional music of a religion, without necessarily accepting all, or any, of the specific beliefs. Dogma can divide us, but music will unite us.

If you love the chant of Tibetan Buddhist monks, you will find links to their music and history, and a listing of recordings and events featuring them; but you may then find yourself exploring the ancient Hindu chant of the Rig Veda – the spiritual soil in which Buddhism was first planted and grew. If you are a fan of western Christian plainchant, perhaps you will find yourself exploring the sound of Christian plainchant in Greece, or Lebanon, or Ethiopia. There are modern scholar-performers who attempt to reconstruct the sound of the earliest western plainchant, still infused with the sounds of the Hebrew temple or the Arab call to prayer.

ChantVillage.com will continue to grow and evolve in response to the needs and wishes its community. Tell us about features you would like to see added to this site, keep us informed about chant events in your community, point us to your favorite chant artists, along with news articles and bibliographic information you come across.

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